British Fantasy Society Review for Mrs Darcy

There I was, moping because I thought poor Mrs Darcy was being ignored, when up pops a lovely review on *drum roll* The British Fantasy Society‘s web site. It’s really nice to read a review of something you’ve done by someone you don’t know who so obviously gets it – and extra points for spotting the Natalie Imbruglia reference, by the way. Speaking of references, no-one’s yet mentioned the allusion to “Lucky Jim” – or was that a bit too subtle? It’s probably my favourite. No clues, though…

2 thoughts on “British Fantasy Society Review for Mrs Darcy

  1. Rhian says:

    Glad to have cheered you up, Jonathan! The Lucky Jim ref … hmm… is it when Mrs D has a hangover?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Rhian, and thanks for dropping in – and obviously many thanks again for the review! Yes, spot on. That was indeed the scene.

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