The Archangel and the White Hart

The Archangel and the White Hart


The Archangel and the White Hart, which was published in March 2011, is an anthology I edited for the excellent Verulam Writers’ Circle. I’m quite proud of this, because I managed to tease out some excellent work from pretty much everyone who submitted, even if – in some cases – it wasn’t the piece they were expecting to get accepted.

In fact the only person whose work I rejected entirely was, rather embarrassingly, our then president, an eminent travel writer. This was purely because the work submitted (two perfectly fine pieces of travel writing) didn’t conform to the remit of the anthology, which was to showcase fiction, poetry and narrative non-fiction. Looking back on it, I was probably being a bit of a knob, and if you’re reading this, Gillian, please do accept my profound apologies.

It’s still available from Lulu, and I do recommend that you take a look.

Incidentally, the title is made up of the names of the two places where the circle meets: St Michael’s Church Hall (hence the Archangel) and the White Hart pub. I suggested this after no-one else came up with anything more inspiring, and it sort of stuck.

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