Author’s Commentary

I’ve been very open about the process of writing and serialising Mrs Darcy, and you can find lots of articles about it on the blog: take a look here. The very first mention of it is here, incidentally.

I’ve also written a few posts for other blogs.

First of all, back in January 2010, I wrote a piece for Flash Fiction Chronicles about how flash fiction influenced the creative process and how I hit upon the idea of serialising the book.

Then in March of that year I was invited to provide a guest post at Risky Regencies. This was more than a little scary as I was one of the first male guests to be invited in. Worse than that, the only other previous male guest was a romance cover model. Stiff competition indeed.

In May, I turned up at Ziggy Kinsella’s Feckless Goblin to talk about how I found an audience by effectively giving the book away for free.

Finally, here’s a piece that I did for the Bristol Short Story Prize website. I was shortlisted in their competition last year, and they’re always interested to keep up with what’s going on.

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