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What I Read… um… Whenever, Part One

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Oh God. The last one of these was back in March, when I was doing the books I read in February, so I guess that’s five months unaccounted for. But I wouldn’t get too excited, because the sad truth is that I read very few books during those five months from March to July. There […]



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I very rarely let go of an idea, even if it takes years for it to come to fruition. This can be quite annoying if I’m trying to focus on something important, like the day job or promoting THE RIDDLE OF THE FRACTAL MONKS or writing BAD DAY IN MINSK. But sometimes external things happen […]

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Nine Feet Apart (for Father’s Day)

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It was a solid, chunky piece of wooden furniture that had given many years of loyal service to the table tennis community of our town, but the time had come for it to retire and my father picked it up for a song. We just needed a net and a couple of bats and we […]



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It struck me a couple of weeks ago that now that I have a series of books on the go, it might be a good time to revisit the Wickhampedia concept, for the benefit of three different groups of people…

The Riddle of the Fractal Monks

Publication Day!

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Nine books in, it still doesn’t get old. The day when your baby finally goes out into the big wide world is always special. As per usual, I think THE RIDDLE OF THE FRACTAL MONKS is my best one yet, and it’s certainly had some nice advance reviews on Goodreads, so it would be nice […]


That WiFi SciFi Thing

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Well, it was fun in the end. But it was also oddly terrifying. The thing is, I’ve performed stuff in front of reasonably large audiences before and I’ve also done panels. I’ve done local radio. And I’m also very comfortable with technology. But I still found it a very weird experience, and it wasn’t until […]


WiFi SciFi

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Well, I’m not sure I need to say anything more, do I? Basically, the indefatigably brilliant (or brilliantly indefatigable – whatever, it’s late) Anne Corlett has in a short space of time assembled the most amazing array of talent ever to grace a Zoom-based virtual mini-con panel. Oh, and me. Not sure what I’m doing […]


Introducing GURTL

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For once, I’m not about to bang on about writing. It’s not that writing – or indeed the arts in general – aren’t important during a time of crisis, because they are probably more important than ever in keeping our spirits up. But I wanted to use this occasionally-viewed space to say a bit about […]