Emma Lee was the first blogger to give the book a full review. She remarked that “the humour throughout is underpinned by an intelligent playfulness reminiscent of Tom Lehrer’s songs”. I’m a massive fan of Lehrer, so from where I’m sitting, that’s about as good as it’s likely to get.

Valerie Morton reviewed the book for Abigail Morley’s Poetry Shed, where she said that “this collection is worthy of a place on any bookshelf – it will entertain but at the same time offer the reader much to think about and perhaps question the way in which they see themselves”.

Abbie Loxton also enjoyed the book, remarking that “poetry like this pops and bursts with fun.” I like that.


Katie Lumsden included a review of the book in her July 2017 Reading Wrap Up, and is very enthusiastic:


The Poetry School was the first to comment on the book, saying that it “tickled them muchly” in their Instagram feed:

Shortly afterwards, Scott Pack also chipped in, with this rather splendid tweet:

Poetry Kit made it their Book of the Month for July: