Picture Gallery

The book of Take It Cool comes with a splendid glossy colour section in the middle, featuring – amongst other things – two pictures of the author modelling different colourways of the same terrible stripey Boden sweatshirt. However, we didn’t put every picture we had to hand in there, partly because of space, but also – in some cases – because we couldn’t get permission.

So here they are instead.

Dog-Face Phil

Well, we could have had this one in there, but Ancestry’s permissions department (when I eventually tracked them down, which wasn’t easy) weren’t interested in even trying to licence it to us, and Newspaper Archive (who also took over two months to respond) wanted $200, which – given that the publication date of the article in question from the Daily Gleaner was December 1944 – seemed a bit steep for something that was going to come into the public domain in a few months. So I apologise for putting this up a few months too early – if anyone at either Ancestry or Newspaper Archive has a problem with it, I’ll take it down.

Here he is, anyway. See what I mean?

Dog Face Phil

Book Extracts

These are all long out of print, but there wasn’t much value to be gained from putting them in my book, given that they’re quoted there anyway. It’s nice to see them in their original typeface though.

Mary Southall’s A Description of Malvern, with that splendid grocer’s apostrophe:

A Description of Malvern

Captain J.H.Lawrence-Archer’s epic Monumental Inscriptions of the British West Indies:

Monumental Inscriptions of the West Indies

The completely bonkers Magazine of Magazines:

Magazine of Magazines

The mysterious Receipt for the Gravel from the same:

Receipt for Gravel

And the announcement of Philip Pinnock’s appointment to chief justice:

Philip Pinnock Appointment

Reverend George Wilson Bridges’ wonderful introduction to The Annals of Jamaica:

The Annals of Jamaica

And his remarks on Philip Pinnock’s fall from grace:

The Fountain of Justice

Frank Wesley Pitman’s The Development of the British West Indies:

The Development of the British West Indies

The description of “The Gentlemens Houses” from the same, featuring Dog-Face Phil:

Philip Pinnocks House 1

Philip Pinnocks House 2

Philip Pinnocks House 3

The last word on Philip Pinnock, from Frank Cundall’s The Biographical Annals of Jamaica:

Biographical Annals of Jamaica

Dennis in Concert

That handbill from the mysterious Roots’n’Culture Party, January 11th 2002:


Nu-Lovers UK album launch, September 5th 2012:

Nu Lovers album launch

Giants of Lovers Rock, October 27th 2012 (not sure what happened to the rest of Eargasm, but never mind):

Giants of Lovers Rock 2012

Giants of Lovers Rock, October 19th 2013:

Giants of Lovers Rock

Giants of Lovers Rock in Birmingham, October 25th 2013:

Giants of Lovers Rock Birmingham
Press Cuttings

These are all courtesy of Rob Johnson. I have absolutely no idea who holds the copyright these days, but I’ll be happy to credit them if they get in touch.

Review of Idi Amin, from Black Music:

Black Music - Idi Amin review

This is Lovers Rock makes No 1 in the Reggae Single 12″ charts, March 1980:

TILR No 1 March 1980

Black Music feature on Eargasm:

Black Music Eargasm feature

Advert for The Feeling:

Advert for The Feeling

The One That Got Away

I still haven’t got a copy of Lovers Dub:

Lovers Dub front

Lovers Dub back