Mrs Darcy, Episode Twenty

… in which we meet a surprising new character, is now up. I think we’re going to have some fun with him.

Meanwhile, in the early hours of Monday morning, Mrs Darcy’s YouTuberance smashed the 1000 view barrier. In my most recent post about Mrs D, I forgot to mention the last-minute problem I had with Episode Nineteen. Originally the beer that Wickham drinks was going to be called “Old Dangleberry”. I thought this was suitably disgusting and rustic-sounding – that was until I had a pint in a London pub a week or so ago and noticed that one of the beers on offer actually had this very name. So I put out a shout to the VWC and got a whole load of suggestions, all quite revolting, and in the end the winner was provided by the very talented Sandra Norval – big thanks to her.

I’m pretty certain that there isn’t a beer by that name. Yet. But I’m open to sponsorship deals if any independent brewery out there is interested. And the reason why I haven’t mentioned it by name here is that I’ve just checked and it’s a Googlewhack! How cool is that?

Last bit of Mrs Darcy-related news: I’ve been invited to provide a guest post to this rather splendid blog for next Thursday. Apparently I’ll be the first bloke to do this. It’s all turning out to be a bit of a strange and wonderful journey, is it not?

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