Best of the Net Nomination

By popular vote (well, not many actually) my story “Somewhat Less Than Thirty Pieces” is one of the two chosen to represent TheRightEyedDeer in the forthcoming Best of the Net competition. This is a piece of meta-fiction that got more and more meta with every edit, and I really enjoyed writing it. Deeply self-indulgent, frankly, but a lot of fun. If you want to read it, it’s still available here.

Also, and not really worth a post of its own, it looks like two poems (“Spanish Echoes” and “Incursion”) and two stories of mine (“Farewell Symphony” and “The Magnolia Bedroom”) are going to appear in the Whittaker Prize Anthology for 2009. Last year’s anthology was a beautifully-produced book (with a cover that made it into The Book Design Review), and I’m looking forward to holding this year’s in my hot little hands.

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