It’s Over!

The 2009 Whittaker Prize, that is. And what a long, strange journey it’s been these last eighteen weeks. I now have nine new stories, some of which I think are amongst my best, although time will tell once they’ve been sent out in the world to seek their fortune. Having said that, two of them have already made their mark – “Farewell Symphony” at Tales of the Decongested, and “Nature’s Banquet” at Earlyworks Press.

I also have nine new poems, which (in conjunction with the STIRRED POeTS competition earlier on this year) has roughly doubled my poetry portfolio. Still some way to go, then, before that first slim volume is ready …

And the final results come out next week. I’m quite pleased with the couple of pieces that I’ve submitted for Task 9, but on past form that means that they’re going to bomb. In any case, the current leaders are too far ahead in both categories, but it would be nice to get as close to them as I can. I’ll let you know.

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