Willesden Herald Giveaway Winner

It’s all go today. To coincide with the opening of entries for the Willesden Herald New Short Stories Competition, I hereby announce that the winner of the great anthology giveaway, out of no less than 15 entries, picked out of a hat at random by international celebrity cookery blogger Rachel Pinnock, is…

Drum roll, please


Keep drumming, goddamnit


Come on, come on


So step forward, Dan, and claim your prize. If you want to e-mail me your address, I’ll pass it on to Steve. Many thanks to everyone who took the trouble to join in. I may well do the same for Mrs Darcy in the next day or so, so watch this space…

4 thoughts on “Willesden Herald Giveaway Winner

  1. Dan says:


    Thanks, Jonathan, the email is on its way.

    Many thanks to Rachel P as well, clearly she has excellent blogging, cooking, and hat-based name-pulling skills. Bravo!

  2. admin says:

    She has indeed 🙂

    I have passed your details on to Steve.

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