Publication Day!

Apologies for clothes shop homespun philosophy, but it did seem appropriate – because this has been rather a long time in coming. I did come within striking distance of getting published back in the early 90s, when I was writing books for my kids, but other stuff got in the way and I didn’t have anything like the same support network – online and offline – as I have today. And I did get a book published in 1998 (yes, that really is me on the cover), but despite some valiant attempts to shoehorn a few jokes into it, in the end it was a book on software development and to the best of my knowledge there’s only ever been one funny book on software and that wasn’t written by me (it’s very good, though).

So this is a rather special day for me. The only sad thing is that neither of my parents are around to see it. My mum died a long, long time ago, but I’m sure she would have been proud (if a little disapproving of some of the gags). My dad died only last year, just before the two things – having a story broadcast on the BBC and having a book in the shops – that might just have convinced him that I wasn’t wasting my time. Ah well. So it goes.

Anyway, enough mawkishness. Here’s a special episode I’ve written to mark publication day, in which Mrs Darcy finds herself inside one of my favourite cult films. Spot the Hitchcockian cameo.

And go out and buy the bloody book, will you?


13 thoughts on “Publication Day!

  1. Hi Jon
    Many congrats on your big day – and all credit to your publishers who clearly don’t hang around! Also understand the parent thing – sometimes wonder what my Mum & Dad would make of my writing, but also sad that I’ll never know. As for that blog tour – wow! Was feeling guilty I had not offered a slot, but feel my particular audience has already met you – I will of course remind them about the book, probably more than once, and also look in on some of your tour venues.
    Ali B

  2. Congratulations, Jon! I shall endeavour to get myself henceforth to the esteemed retail outlet of Messrs Double-Yew, Aitch & Smith, and avail myself of said publication.

    Enjoyed the Cube parody, too. And there I was thinking I was the only one who’d ever watched that film…

  3. Thanks, Sarah – lovely of you to drop in! Been following your adventures with William Gibson – am dead impressed 🙂

  4. No need to apologise, Oscar! Many thanks – your support has been much appreciated during Mrs Darcy’s gestation (*ducks to avoid avalanche of double entendres*)

  5. Mega congrats. I have to get myself along to WH Smith and proclaim loudly, ‘there’s that magnificent book I’ve been hearing such wonderful reviews about’. I may go into the store several times.

  6. Jon, as one of those spiritualist types I am certain that your parents have been watching and without a doubt would be incredibly proud of all your achievements.

    Is this Pinnock’s Pinnacle? I very much doubt it, the best is still to come and this is just the beginning.

    Proud of you!

    Sandra x

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