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Lighthouse_biggerWe seem to have entered that time of the year when I lose track of things even more than I usually do, which is why I have completely failed to mention the publication of this tweet of mine. So there it is.

Looking forward to going to tomorrow night’s Ride the WorldWord event to celebrate the excellent Short Circuit. The list of people reading is pretty much a Who’s Who of short story writers in the UK, so it should be a good night. I’ve been intending to do a review of said book ever since I read it on holiday, but have so far failed to do so (see first paragraph for excuse). In the meantime, I’ll simply say that anyone who writes short stories and doesn’t have a copy should order one immediately. Don’t wait. No excuses. Just do it. OK? I’ll be interviewing Vanessa Gebbie, the editor, on this very blog on February 1st next year, by the way, which should be interesting – especially as I’ve never interviewed anyone before.

And I’ve just remembered that I still haven’t tweaked my entry for the Willesden Herald competition, and there are only four more days to go until the closing date. When will I ever learn?

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