New Trailer and Other Stuff

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Long time followers may remember that I’m a bit of a fan of book trailers. Yes, I know conventional wisdom is that they’re a waste of time, but I suspect that most of them tend to be ignored because they’re a bit dull. Mine, on the other hand, tend to get ignored because a) they’re […]

A Question of Trust

Schrödinger’s Book

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Shortly before the Christmas break, I delivered the manuscript of A QUESTION OF TRUST, otherwise known as Book Two in the Mathematical Mysteries Series, to my editor at Farrago. Put like that, it doesn’t sound terribly scary. However, what you need to know is that the seventy-odd thousand words in that manuscript hadn’t previously been […]

Other people

This is (Not About) David Bowie by F J Morris

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This is not a review about David Bowie. Rather, it’s a review of F J Morris’s new book “This is (Not About) David Bowie” from Retreat West Books. Or is it? Let’s see where this goes. Writing about David Bowie is always a tricky thing to do because you first need to decide which David […]