Bad Day in Minsk

Bad Day in Minsk Heaves Into View

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Well, this is all getting terribly exciting. First of all, book 4 of the Mathematical Mystery series, otherwise known as Bad Day in Minsk, acquired a cover a couple of weeks back, and I think it’s the strongest one yet. You probably caught a glimpse of it when you first arrived at the site, but […]


It’s Lit But Is It Funny?

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Over the last few months, I’ve been getting into podcasts. Not sure if this is a pandemic thing or a way-of-staying-sane-while-assembling-a-stupidly-complicated-polytunnel thing (don’t ask), but I really like the way you can carry a show around with you, bluetoothing it either to your headphones or the speakers in your office or even the car, picking […]


New Year’s Resolutions (or not)

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Well, we made it through 2020, so that’s something. However, it does mean that 2021 is the next thing on the agenda, so maybe I should come up with some resolutions. But then again, I’m not sure I’ve ever followed through on any that I’ve made in previous years, so maybe we should put that […]

Books read

What I Read… um… Whenever, Part One

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Oh God. The last one of these was back in March, when I was doing the books I read in February, so I guess that’s five months unaccounted for. But I wouldn’t get too excited, because the sad truth is that I read very few books during those five months from March to July. There […]



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I very rarely let go of an idea, even if it takes years for it to come to fruition. This can be quite annoying if I’m trying to focus on something important, like the day job or promoting THE RIDDLE OF THE FRACTAL MONKS or writing BAD DAY IN MINSK. But sometimes external things happen […]

Real life

Nine Feet Apart (for Father’s Day)

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It was a solid, chunky piece of wooden furniture that had given many years of loyal service to the table tennis community of our town, but the time had come for it to retire and my father picked it up for a song. We just needed a net and a couple of bats and we […]