New Trailer and Other Stuff

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Long time followers may remember that I’m a bit of a fan of book trailers. Yes, I know conventional wisdom is that they’re a waste of time, but I suspect that most of them tend to be ignored because they’re a bit dull. Mine, on the other hand, tend to get ignored because a) they’re […]


So Farewell Then, 2017

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Well, that was an odd year for writing, that’s for sure. Some very good things happened, certainly, but a lot of things didn’t, and I’m only just beginning to work out why. The first amazingly good thing to happen was that I found a publisher for my second short story collection, Dip Flash. I’m particularly excited […]

Dip Flash

Putting It All Together

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Back in February of this year I signed a contract with Cultured Llama for my next short story collection, Dip Flash. One of the clauses of that deal stipulated that I was to provide them with a complete manuscript by the 1st of December. So it’s probably about time that I got this thing into […]

Love and Loss and Other Important Stuff

The Joy of Wikis

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Fans of this website will be delighted to know that I have added another Wiki to it. Sorry, you didn’t know it had Wikis? You’re kidding me. OK, the first one was, of course, Wickhampedia, which I originally conceived as a resource to help explain some of the more obscure references in MRS DARCY VERSUS THE […]