Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens Unofficial Launch

Mrs D’s official launch took place alongside the rest of the Proxima imprint at the Brighton FantasyCon a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to have a local one too. So I arranged an unofficial one for last night at Waterstone’s in St Albans and what a fun time we all had. Lots of old friends turned up (including one or two unexpected ones) and a lot of wine was consumed, along with some tasty canapés from the wonderful Madeleines and Marmalade (she’s taking orders for Christmas, you know).

It’s customary to read a bit from the offending book on these occasions, and last night was no exception. I may have had a glass or two by the time I did this:

(Thanks to Ian Cundell for the camerawork, by the way.)

I did have a slightly sore head this morning, so it’s more than a little surprising that the phone interview I conducted with a lady from the St Albans Review turned out to be pretty accurate. I think I was a bit more forthcoming with the lady from the Herts Advertiser who called me later on in the day, so that one may turn out to be a little more detailed when it appears.

In other news, Scott Pack has blogged about next week’s Firestation Book Swap. You are all coming along, aren’t you?

And now I’m preparing for my Skype session tonight with the Chichester Readers. I have absolutely no idea what  this is going to be like.

2 thoughts on “Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens Unofficial Launch

  1. K J Bennett says:

    The St Albans Review people seem to think Mrs Darcy is your first crack at fiction. We who’ve known you for years know otherwise. Odd …

  2. admin says:

    Might have been my fault. I wasn’t entirely awake when she called.

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