The New Writer Prose and Poetry Prizes

Well then. I’m inordinately chuffed to be able to announce that I’m going to be judging the short stories this year for The New Writer. The closing date is November 30th, so that gives you plenty of time to write something utterly brilliant for me. Now I guess you may be wondering what kind of thing I’m looking for, but I’m afraid the massively unhelpful answer is that I won’t know until I see it.

But… I did once write a post for another occasion when I was looking for submissions and I think it may be time to trot that one out again. So… *drum roll* … here’s a repeat appearance for Swiss Toni’s Guide to Writing Short Stories. That should give you a bit of a clue as to what I’m looking for.

In other news, I had a fab time at Liars’ League last night – fantastic audience (wow, it’s grown since the last time I went), some wonderful stories and an absolutely spot on performance of my piece by Greg Page. I’ll post the video when it’s available.

5 thoughts on “The New Writer Prose and Poetry Prizes

  1. Rob says:

    Congratulations Jon, I can think of no better person for the job (well, except me. Hey I’m kidding! :))

  2. Dan Purdue says:

    Good work, Jonathan! I was wondering whether to enter the New Writer comp. Now they’ve enlisted a top celebrity judge I guess it’s an opportunity too good to miss.

    Mind you, “utterly brilliant” sounds like hard work. Any chance you’d settle for “resolutely mediocre”, if I clipped a £20 note to my entry?

  3. admin says:

    Sorry, no deal 🙂 But do go ahead and enter your best piece ever!

    (still sniggering at “top celebrity judge”)

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