Mrs Darcy, Episode Forty-Two

So anyway, last night I was on the point of writing a post about how depressed I’d been feeling about writing ever since that poetry prize win. This might sound a bit peculiar on the face of it, but any of you who have seen the film “Clockwise” (scripted by the brilliant Michael Frayn) will probably recognise this quote:

It’s not the despair, Laura. I can stand the despair. It’s the hope!

Which kind of summarises the way I feel whenever I have any sort of (let’s face it) low-level success with my writing.

However, before I got around to writing a suitably long, self-indulgent and probably rather maudlin post, I had to finish today’s episode of Mrs Darcy, being the highly disciplined writer that I am. Well, for some values of “highly disciplined”, anyway. As things turned out, by the time I’d finished that, I was in a much better frame of mind and I decided to scrap the blog post. Which makes me wonder: is this thing for my benefit or the readers? It probably doesn’t matter. It does mean that at least one of us is having fun.

Anyway, in today’s episode, the ghost of Mary Ann Nicholls finally comes face to face with Wickham, but can’t do a lot about it, what with her being a ghost.

Unusual search terms so far this month for “sniffing feet episodio dilemma” and “lady catherine dogging”. I really do worry about people sometimes.

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