A Winter’s Chill Strikes Hampstead

On Sunday I took the family along to the New End Theatre in Hampstead for an evening of chilling stories expertly told by Miles Barden and Joshua Dickinson (including a new version of my own piece, “After Michelangelo”), and we all had a great time. I’ll leave the review to the far more eloquent Oscar Windsor-Smith here, noting in passing that the show turned a profit, and that the team are actively looking for a venue for a further presentation prior to taking it to the Edinburgh Fringe. An excellent result all round, I’d say.

4 thoughts on “A Winter’s Chill Strikes Hampstead

  1. K.C. says:

    Jon: Who is the Oscar Windsor-Smith of whom you speak and who posts at Every Day Fiction with a sly wink and a nudge? Is he a real person or is he just you, having us on?

    Congratulations on your recent successes, BTW. I have been remiss in commenting but I’ve been busy. I just sent off a 3,000-word piece to Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and a 6,000-word SF piece to WOTF (I just made the quarterly deadline).

    P.S. If Oscar is for real, does he blog?

  2. admin says:

    Many thanks, K.C. and good luck with your submissions! Oscar W-S most definitely does exist, and is a highly talented writer in his own right – watch out for him in 2009. He doesn’t have his own blog yet, but I believe that he is intending to establish a web presence one of these days. The big question is whether or not the internet can cope with the resulting barrage of bad puns …

  3. Oscar Windsor-Smith says:

    Jon, I have only now (09/03/09) found your very flattering comments. Thank you. And sincere apologies for not having visited here more frequently. I do remember you telling me that K.C. didn’t believe I existed, but I thought you were having me on. See how complicated life can get when you’re a joker? And I should know, people always seem to laugh hardest at me when I trying to be serious. It’s hell I tell you!

    😉 scar

  4. admin says:

    Hehe. You should see what else I’ve been saying about you 🙂

    Actually, what I’m wondering now is what the hell was I doing spending New Year’s Eve posting stuff to this blog. I need to get out more.

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