A Winter’s Chill

Ooh, this is exciting. Up and coming actor Miles Barden will be doing a one-man part of a two-man show at the New End Theatre in Hampstead between Christmas and New Year, performing four chilling stories under the heading of (appropriately enough) “A Winter’s Chill”. I don’t know details of all the stories involved, but I do know that two are classics and two are new, and that one of the new ones is … (roll drums) “After Michelangelo”. Or at least, a suitably adapted version of it. I’m really looking forward to this, because there’s nothing more a writer loves than to hear someone who knows what they’re doing reading their work.

So get your diaries out. The performances are on Sunday December 28th at 6PM and Monday December 29th at 8PM. More details to follow.

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