Twisted Tongue

According to my records, I have a grand total of 30 pieces currently submitted to various competitions, anthologies or other markets. Quite a few of these have been out there for some time, and I was beginning to get just a little twitchy … until a few minutes ago, when I heard that Restorative Justice has been accepted by Twisted Tongue. I’d fancied getting into TT for a while, but they were closed to submissions up until the middle of July. However, I made sure that I pounced as soon as I heard that they’d opened again. I’m doubly pleased, because I really like this story, which (like so many others of mine) started life as an entrant in the Café Doom Weekly Flash Challenge, and then grew a little.

Now, what’s happening with the other 29?!

(I also had something really, really unexpected happen on Friday. But I’ll keep that one under my hat for a little while until I find out if it’s going to lead anywhere.)

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