The Masochism Tango (Part 2)

So, how’s it all going, then?

We – e – e – ell  …

I did manage to finish my entry for the current round of the Whittaker Prize, and it turned out to be (for me) quite a long one – right up to the 2500 word limit. I have absolutely no idea as to its merit or otherwise, but I won’t have long to find out – the judge is scarily quick. I do have a feeling that this is where it all goes pear-shaped. After four rounds, I’m currently in second place, but I fear that this won’t be for long, and the long downward plunge is about to start. (And I really don’t like the prompts for Round Six.)

I did manage an entry to the first week of August’s Café Doom challenge, but not last week’s. I didn’t get many votes for my first week effort, but I quite liked the idea and I think it might be worth expanding a little.

I did get my entry in on time for the first round of the NYC Midnight Movie Making Madness Creative Writing Championships, and I was actually quite pleased with what I’d written.

I have finished my entry for the Necrotic Tissue Malpractice Anthology. I’m also quite pleased with this, although I have no idea what Scott will make of it over at NT, assuming that he hasn’t filled the antho already. I’ll try it out with the VWC at The Goat tonight, and see if it gets the right reaction. The right reaction being “Yeeuch!”, of course.

However …

I still have no idea what I’m going to write for this month’s Phil’s Challenge at SlingInk. It was my turn to set the challenge as for some reason I won last month’s, so I nicked the theme from the current Write Space comp: Weather (the idea being that we could all use this as a dry run). Well, I’ve got until Friday to come up with 1000 words. Not a clue at the moment, though.

And I bailed out of the Bootcamp August Blast after five days. I produced five flashes of variable quality, each done over an hour on each of the first five days of August. But then I took a few days off to do the other stuff (see above) and on coming back, I realised that the time that I would be spending writing more flashes and critting other people’s would probably be better spent cleaning up and submitting some of the other pieces that I’ve got lying around. And Bootcamp is a very strange place to be spending one’s time in when the sun’s shining outside, even if only intermittently.

Still, the word count for the month so far is around 9000 and rising. Which is a whole load more than I usually do in a couple of weeks. At that rate, I could write a novel. Now there’s a thought.

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