The Hit Count

Submission Frenzy

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Right, the sum total of hits (competition prizes, listings and publications) for the year to date is currently sitting at 22. So let’s set a really stupid target for the end of the year: say, 50, eh? With that in mind, I’ve been dusting off all those odd little flashes that are lying around, with […]


Liars’ League: Crime and Punishment

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Another excellent night out at the League. My piece, Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions had the honour of kicking off the proceedings, and the lovely Sabina Cameron coped splendidly with the challenges posed by its somewhat convoluted language. Here she is (with apologies for the fuzzy nature of the picture – my wonderful new Samsung phone claims […]


Twisted Tongue

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According to my records, I have a grand total of 30 pieces currently submitted to various competitions, anthologies or other markets. Quite a few of these have been out there for some time, and I was beginning to get just a little twitchy … until a few minutes ago, when I heard that Restorative Justice […]


The Solution to the Problem

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… is now up at Dog Versus Sandwich. Bit of an odd one, this. Usually, I tend to work from prompts, trying as far as possible to steer clear of the most obvious interpretation, a process which can deliver some interesting and unexpected results. However, this story presented itself to me, unprompted, pretty much in its final […]


The Masochism Tango (Part 2)

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So, how’s it all going, then? We – e – e – ell  … I did manage to finish my entry for the current round of the Whittaker Prize, and it turned out to be (for me) quite a long one – right up to the 2500 word limit. I have absolutely no idea as […]