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Well, there’s a thing. I’ve just had my third poetry acceptance, courtesy of the bright new shiny Every Day Poets site. If this carries on, I’ll need to separate out the poetry into a separate page. It’s for a piece called School Uniform, which was shortlisted in a Writers’ News humorous poetry competition back in (good grief) 1996. As far as I’m aware, this is the only time that my name has ever appeared in Writers’ News. The moral is, I guess, never throw anything away, even if it takes twelve years before you finally make use of it.

I think I like EDP as much as I like EDF. They responded to my initial submission quickly, inviting me to try again after I’d fixed some of the inconsistencies in the metre. Funny how you don’t spot those when you read it yourself. So, having invited criticism from my colleagues in the VWC (and received some very helpful suggestions from Ian Cundell – who is also, incidentally, responsible for Toby’s excellent promo video below), I resubmitted and this time I got a “yes”.

No idea when it’s appearing, though. The site doesn’t even go live until next month!

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