Visiting Time

“Visiting Time” has now just gone live at Every Day Fiction – my second appearance there. This piece was shortlisted for this year’s Fish One Page Story competition, and it’s nice to see it finally get published.

As ever with EDF, the comments are interesting, especially with regard to the accent of the main protagonist. A couple of people seem to have assumed that the character is black, which would (quite correctly) be an offensive stereotype in the context of the piece. The trouble is, their assumption probably says more about them than it says about my writing. As it happens, I was thinking more of white trash, and in fact I probably borrowed the voice from the Nicolas Cage character in Raising Arizona (hence the reference to l’il Nathan that crept in). Ho hum. I’ve always wanted to be a misunderstood writer.

Less controversially, “The Amazing Arnolfini and his Wife” has now been published on the City of Derby competition web site. Hope you like it.

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