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I think I’m going to stop promising to post more frequently, because it’s beginning to get embarrassing, so many times have a failed to stick to my intentions. So I’m not going to say another word about that.

Instead, I’ll point you in the direction of a number of things that I’ve done recently. First of all, take a look at Roz Morris’ excellent Undercover Soundtrack blog, where I was her guest last week the week before last, talking about the music behind DOT DASH.

Then take a look at this odd little story about the geopolitics of cake consumption called “Definitely the Jam” that I did a while back for the National Flash Fiction Day FlashFlood blog and completely forgot to say anything about here. Actually, National Flash Fiction Day draws ever nearer, and I’m looking forward to seeing this year’s anthology, which was announced here. My piece is called “contemplating rothko”, and it has a bit of an experimental feel to it.

Finally, do take a look at this Kickstarter for the forthcoming Arachne Press anthology, WEIRD LIES, which contains a different version of “The Last Words of Emanuel Prettyjohn” from the one in DOT DASH (and hence absolutely essential for all Pinnock completists). One of the items on offer is quite remarkable – the chance to appear in your very own special episode of MRS DARCY VERSUS THE ALIENS! I’m more than a little surprised that no-one has gone for it yet…

[EDITED TO ADD: Eek. I forgot to mention that if you’re in the Bristol area on National Flash Fiction Day (that’s Saturday June 22nd), there are a couple of ace NFFD-related events going on. First of all, there’s a flash fiction workshop in the afternoon run by none other than the awesome Tania Hershman and Calum Kerr (details here and here). Not only that, but on the same day there’s an evening of flash fiction with an absolutely stellar line-up (details here and here). How can you resist?]

2 thoughts on “Undercover Soundtrack and other stuff

  1. rozmorris @NailYourNovel @ByRozMorris says:

    Hi Jonathan! It was my pleasure to feature you on The Undercover Soundtrack and many of my regulars were already eager fans of yours! Interesting to read about the Kickstarter. I just tweeted it – hope you meet your targets.

  2. admin says:

    Many thanks! It was really nice to be part of The Undercover Soundtrack.

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