National Short Story Week

ShortStoryWeekYes, in case you weren’t aware already, it’s National Short Story Week! To be honest, I think that every week should be a national short story week, but that’s by the by. This week is the special one, and lots of events will be happening all around the country to celebrate the delights of the short form.

As part of the celebrations, my own writers’ group, the ever-wonderful Verulam Writers’ Circle, are holding an Open Mic evening this Thursday at the excellent Goat Inn. However, just to confuse things a bit, I’ll probably be reading an episode from “Mrs Darcy vs The Aliens” instead of a story – although at the time of writing, I have absolutely no idea which one. The cast for the evening is absolutely star-studded, featuring loads of ace local writers and compered by the lovely and extremely funny Mandy Knight. Be there or be missing out on an utterly fab night.

Meanwhile, following my interview with Radio Verulam, I was asked if I wanted to do “Tracks of My Life”, their version of “Desert Island Discs”. For some reason (oh, all right, a massive ego) I said yes. So I’m now trying to whittle down my library of 1000+ CDs to 16 tracks …

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