This is pretty cool. 3hundredand65 is a story built up from tweets, one per day, over an entire year (which makes something in the region of 9000 words, give or take a few). This kind of thing has been done before, except there are three crucial differences this time:

  • Each day is written by a different person – including loads of celebs.
  • Each segment is illustrated in proper graphic novel style
  • It’s all for charity

As soon as I heard about it, I decided I wanted to be part of it, so I signed up and I was allocated October 1st – yesterday, in other words.

Here’s my bit. I decided to take a disciplined approach and not introduce any new mad characters, instead setting it up for something interesting to happen next. Looking back on it, maybe I should have been a bit more bonkers…

Anyway, if you want to contribute to this excellent charity (and why not?), here’s the link.

In other news, some words of wisdom of mine are featured on page 15 of the latest issue (number 6) of “What The Dickens” magazine. I think they’re going to be interviewing me some time soon, too.

And finally, the website for “Dot Dash” went live yesterday. And yes, it is very similar to the one I did for Mrs Darcy. I’m not quite ready to embark on the next level of learning CSS…

If you’re on Facebook, there’s a new Dot Dash page as well, and it would be really cool if you could “Like” it.

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