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Is it really a week since my last post? Yes, it looks like it is. Ho hum. Well, the good news is that the mysterious Project Y is getting very close to the magic 10000 words and I’m actually beginning to feel quite excited about it. No clues yet as to what it’s all about though. Sorry. Meanwhile, I had a piece  published in The View From Here this week about that utterly wonderful film The Artist and what we writers can learn from it.

The next thing that happened this week was that I was interviewed by that excellent chap Charles Christian for his new online magazine The Urban Fantasist. As interviews go, I think it’s one of my better ones, so do take a look. And bookmark that site – looks well worth following.

But the most exciting thing of course was Get Writing 2012, which took place yesterday. It was particularly exciting for me because I had the opportunity to do my first-ever workshop. Strictly speaking, I did one three years ago, on entering competitions, but as only a couple of delegates went to it (until a few of my VWC chums very loyally came along to bolster the numbers) I don’t think it really counts. Yesterday’s was entitled “Weird and Wonderful” and was all about unlocking creativity, basically by setting the brain problems to solve. From where I was sitting (or standing, mostly) it seemed to go well, and the group was extremely responsive. I’d like to do more of this kind of thing: it’s a lot of fun.

5 thoughts on “Get Writing and Other Stuff

  1. It was great. I wrote a piece, then rewrote it – the second time I was actually a set of mahogany bagpipes that played a seagull’s lament across a frozen loch in Scotland. Thanks for the inspiration, Jon, as ever.

  2. @Sandra Are you sure?! Well, I’m game if you are.

    @Effie You’re welcome – that sounds wonderful! Lovely to finally meet you 🙂

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