Mrs Darcy, Episode Thirty-Eight

Today’s episode is a kind of Mulder/Scully moment between Wickham and Elizabeth and is mainly there to establish what the parties involve think is going on right now. Hope it doesn’t come across as too expository. I have to say that I’m quite miffed that the sedan chair gag doesn’t look quite as fresh as it might after a similar one was used by Sue Perkins on last week’s News Quiz. Although I think the context is more appropriate in mine, so there.

Meanwhile the new publicity push is yielding results, with the very respectable Austenblog featuring the new YouTuberance yesterday and the Facebook fan page gradually picking up members. What I hadn’t expected was that some of the names on Facebook are completely unfamiliar to me – not even from Twitter. Which is very nice, demonstrating as it does that there is more than one way to use social networking to reach an audience.

What I really want to do next is get some more blokes reading the thing, and I have no idea how to do anything about this. Any suggestions would be most welcome 🙂

[EDITED TO ADD: Jane Austen Today are also featuring the new YouTuberance!]

[FURTHER EDITED TO ADD: Also featured on Jane Obsessed with Jane!]

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