Guest Post: R.B.Harkess

Scuse me…

Mind if I barge through here?

Hi. The name’s Harkess. R B Harkess. I’m a writer. That’s why I’m here.

I saw JP’s blog tour for the awesome ‘Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens’ [Why thank you, Mr H – JP] and was so impressed by it I thought I would do one myself. And as he is with the same publisher as I am, I figured he couldn’t really say no if I tapped him for a spot [This is true. I’m a total pushover – JP].

So, time for the plug. I have a bright, shiny story to sell. It’s a Young Adult – wait, come back, I promise no sparkly vampires or love-torn paranormals – where was I? Ah yes.

It’s a YA science fiction story, full of adventure, and science, and stuff. And not just for boys, either. We have girl heroes just as important as the boy heroes. Suitable for all. And my first ever novel, too. Published as an e-book (see how we keep the science-y theme going there with the modern delivery technology?). Now that’s got to make it worth having a look [Definitely – JP].

Anyhow, mustn’t hang around. Taken up enough of your valuable time. Check out the book at Amazon, or at Proxima, and drop in to my website at and tell me what you thought of it.

Now, if I can just squeeze past to get to the door…?

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