Blog Tour, Day 18

Today’s port of call is Lev Parikian’s Runny Thoughts. I bumped into Lev on Twitter a while back and have been enjoying his banter ever since. Besides, you have to be impressed with someone whose one-line bio consists of “Conductor, writer, cricket lover, foodie”. I owned a baton once, you know. Used to conduct LPs in the privacy of my own room. That’s normal, right?

Anyway, my guest post on Lev’s blog is worth reading just for his intro with the innovative alien spelling of my name. Lovely attention to detail there.

Oh, and I can now announce one of the things I was invited to the other week. I’m going to be one of the guests at next month’s Firestation Book Swap. I am so looking forward to this, because I’ve wanted to be one the guests ever since I first went to one a year ago to the day. Mind you, I will have to be on my best behaviour because my fellow guest is none other than John Harding, whose “Florence and Giles” is getting rave notices from all and sundry. I’ve just bought a copy to get myself up to speed, and I’m really looking forward to reading it – looks terrific.

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