Another Spiffy Review for Mrs Darcy

This is a bit of a first: a joint review of Mrs Darcy and a book called “Death Comes to Pemberley” by someone called P D James (no, me neither). Anyway, Mrs Darcy takes top billing and has twice as many paragraphs, so I think we know what conclusion to draw 🙂

I have absolutely no idea who is behind the Hard Luxe Living blog, although she’s obviously got some significant form as a writer. I don’t think I know anyone who fits her profile, so I’m going to assume she’s a complete stranger – which, as I’ve said before, is the best sort of person to get a good review from.

2 thoughts on “Another Spiffy Review for Mrs Darcy

  1. HardLuxeLiving says:

    Jonathan, we’ve definitely never met, so it’s praise pure and simple. I’m anonymous as my job is incompatible with having a sense of humour. Really looking forward to Dot Dash your collection of short stories. HLL.

  2. admin says:

    Many thanks – really appreciated the review!

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