Mrs Darcy versus the Lolcats

One of the things that strikes you if you study YouTube for any length of time is the sheer number of cat videos with humungously high view counts. But I thought, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. So I enlisted the help of Marvin and this is what we came up with:

Despite appearances, I think he really would like to be a star – a bit like Maru perhaps. So do please feel free to share this far and wide. I mean, really, do feel free. Please. Do it for Marvin.

Meanwhile, the book has made its first appearance in a national magazine, courtesy of a passing reference in Amanda Craig’s review of the PD James book-that-we-will-not-mention in the New Statesman. It’s a start, I guess, so many thanks to Amanda for slipping that in.

Oh, and one other thing: issue #16 of the now late-lamented Murky Depths just got another review, with a very favourable comment on my story “Teamwork”. Many thanks to Michele Lee for this:

Teamwork by Jonathan Pinnock is one of those fabulous dark SF stories of space exploration and technology where the reader knows from the beginning something is wrong, but doesn’t really appreciate it until the end. This one’s deserving of a Hitchcock episode.

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