The Archangel and the White Hart

The Archangel and the White HartSome time ago (actually, an embarrassingly long time ago), regular readers of this blog may recall me mentioning that I’d been invited to edit an anthology for the fab writers’ circle that I belong to (the Verulam Writers’ Circle, in case you didn’t know). I published some guidelines as to what I was looking for and set myself an absurd deadline for completing work on it.

Because it was an absurd deadline, I ignored it.

But no one minded, because they told me that it didn’t matter as long as it was ready for the 2011 Get Writing conference. Get Writing is on February 19th, incidentally (you are coming, aren’t you – it’s almost sold out!) They had, however, forgotten about how I deal with deadlines.

Those of you who are familiar about how I deal with deadlines will not be remotely surprised to hear that I uploaded the PDF to Lulu on Monday of this week. Fortunately, Lulu really are as quick as the claim to be (quicker, in fact) and I actually had a proof copy in my hand yesterday.

And what a fine artefact it is – Dave Weaver‘s excellent cover (reproduced above) is so much better than it appears on Lulu.

Archangel Back CoverBut this is probably my favourite bit – Ian Cundell‘s blurb on the back cover. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how to write a blurb. Consider the bar duly raised.

By the way, in case anyone’s wondering what lies behind the title, we had a long debate about this. In the end we opted for something that simply reflected the names of where we meet. “The Archangel” is for St Michael’s church hall where we have our fortnightly formal meetings, and “The White Hart” is the pub where we have our informal get-togethers on the other weeks.

So, um, go and buy a copy! Even better, if you’re coming to Get Writing, hold onto your money and buy a copy there to save on postage and packing.

Now can I get back to those rewrites for Mrs Darcy?

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