Unforgettable Fire: THE STIRRED POeT

My copy of this excellent anthology, containing the highest-scoring entries from a TWI competition held earlier on this year, arrived today. I’d put up a picture of it (‘cos once again the cover designer has excelled himself), but Lulu refuses to let me capture a JPEG. You can, however, take a look here. And whilst you’re there, why not buy a copy or two – more excellent Christmas (or holiday of your choice) presents for your loved ones?

My sole contribution to it is a rather daft piece of satirical verses entitled “This is How We  Deal with Illegal Aliens in Alaska”, describing Sarah Palin’s encounter with an extra-terrestrial. I am slightly proud of this couplet:

So I’ve milked the moose and walked the huskies,

and kept an eye on those pesky Russkies.

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