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every-day-fictionIt’s been a while since I was last in Every Day Fiction. I did send them something last August but it didn’t quite make the cut (and I think they were probably right). But back at the start of the year I remembered an old piece that I thought might be worth exhuming and I heard today that it’s been accepted. It’s called “Around the Block.”

Now when I said “exhuming” I wasn’t kidding. I just checked and the piece actually dates back to 1993, when it won a Verulam Writers’ Circle internal competition (the Lisbeth Philips in fact for any VWCers reading this, set and judged by one Nick Cook). Obviously I had to update some of the references and clean up some of the writing, but I think it still works.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend disinterring everything you’ve written in the past. I have some truly terrible writing buried there, believe me. But then again, there’s no point in dumping stuff in the landfill when it can be usefully recycled, is there?

4 thoughts on “Return to Every Day Fiction

  1. June says:

    Congratulations. Recycled or rejigged – what’s 18 years between words! Looking forward to reading it.

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