India Pics #1: Jodhpur Market

Thought it might be a nice idea to break up the stream of posts about Mrs Darcy with the occasional holiday snap. It’s traditional to start with a street scene, complete with cows wandering everywhere, but I felt that this was a little clichéd. So instead, here’s a street scene with an elephant:


This was taken in the market in Jodhpur, not far from the wholesale outlet where Richard Gere buys his textiles (and, yes, we were shown the pictorial evidence). I have no idea what the elephant was doing there – it certainly wasn’t there for the benefit of us tourists – but I like the fact that it managed to plod quite happily through the market without anyone making a big fuss. India’s full of unexpected stuff like that. More to follow …

BTW, quite coincidentally, my fellow writer James Burt, who I’ve bumped into a couple of times on the short story circuit, was in the same part of India at the same time as we were (although he’d been in the country for two months rather than just two weeks), and he’s publishing some fascinating stuff about his trip here.

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  1. He had a stall at the North end of the market. It was one of the travel guides that originally described him as the egg-man, lauding his omlettes. Due to that random review he now had a successful business specialising in eggs. The food was lovely and he’s very friendly too.

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