Help! I Need a Publisher!

Well, obviously I do. But that phrase also happens to be the title of an excellent blog run by Nicola Morgan, who for some reason has chosen to highlight Mrs Darcy today! I’m really chuffed about this, because it’s completely unsolicited and completely unexpected. But it’s exaactly the kind of thing that I hoped would happen when I kicked this whole thing off. So big thanks to Nicola. And everyone out there who isn’t reading her blog, take the advice that Adèle Giras gave at Get Writing 2010 and start reading it now. OK?

4 thoughts on “Help! I Need a Publisher!

  1. Wow, you’re certainly gaining alot of attention, Jon. I hope it all ends in a book deal for you, Mrs D and whatever else you’re peddling. 😀

  2. Thanks, Cate! It would be nice to think so, but I’m having some fun in the meantime anyway 🙂

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