Anniversary Feast

“Anniversary Feast” is now up at Fifty-Two Stitches, the first of three flashes of mine that’ll be appearing there this year. It’s possibly the most tasteless thing I’ve ever written. As with so many of these things, it originated in the Café Doom Weekly Flash Challenge, although you might be surprised to know what word inspired it: Fifteen. Strange the way prompts work.

5 thoughts on “Anniversary Feast

  1. K.C. Ball says:

    The other white meat, huh? Remind me to never agree to go on a long trip with you, Jon.

  2. Natalie L. Sin says:

    Loved the story! The question is, what parts of people are kosher? ; )

  3. admin says:

    Thanks K.C. and Natalie (and welcome to this place). Regarding your question, Natalie, it probably depends on how you kill them.

  4. admin says:

    Me too. They send you off in all sorts of interesting ways. What happened with this one was something like this: fifteen, fifteenth anniversary, fifteenth anniversary of what? etc.

    Then I changed it to tenth anniversary, ‘cos that sounded neater.

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