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Well, the nice people at FlashScribe have now accepted another piece, “Welcome to the Hive”, after making some very helpful suggestions that made it work a whole load better. It’s funny – I knew there was something not quite right about it, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what the problem was. And they also rejected the third piece I sent, which was good for two reasons. Firstly, it means that they don’t accept any old rubbish that gets sent to them, and secondly, thanks to their feedback, I’ve now got a pretty good idea why it’s been rejected by a couple of other places as well.

4 thoughts on “More at FlashScribe

  1. Barry Napier says:

    I’ll be seeing you there in February. The accepted my story “Colonists” last week.

    Congrats and best of luck!

  2. admin says:

    Congrats and welcome to this place, Barry!

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