Fifty-Two Stitches

People sometimes ask me where I find out about all these weird and wonderful markets. Obviously, Duotrope is an excellent resource for this, but in the short time that I’ve been submitting stuff, I’ve found that the most useful technique is reading other writers’ blogs, or to put it another way, stalking. And it was by stalking Catherine J. Gardner (sorry, Cate!) that I found out that Fifty-Two Stitches was opening for business on November 1st. So on Saturday I duly sent them a couple of my favourite flashes, one of which, “Anniversary Feast”, they accepted today. Fifty-Two Stitches is an interesting concept: a new horror flash will be posted there every week for the whole of 2009, at the end of which an anthology is published. (Oh, do I need to add that “Anniversary Feast” is another graduate of the Café Doom weekly flash challenge? But you’ve probably guessed that.)

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  1. admin says:

    Thanks, Cate. And congrats to you for your acceptance, and for all the other stuff you’ve been finding homes for lately – I’m dead impressed.

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