The Joy of Wikis

Fans of this website will be delighted to know that I have added another Wiki to it. Sorry, you didn’t know it had Wikis? You’re kidding me.

OK, the first one was, of course, Wickhampedia, which I originally conceived as a resource to help explain some of the more obscure references in MRS DARCY VERSUS THE ALIENS (such as what happened to the Bradford and Bingley Building Society – yes, really). However, I soon realised that there was potential for a lot more mayhem, and I very quickly executed a mid-course correction mayhem-wards.

Then I thought it might be nice to put together a slightly more conventional Wiki giving the background to all of the stories in DOT DASH, in case anyone was interested in seeing how they came about. Thus was Dashipedia born, giving such insights as to how a tanka turned into a story and how a story that eventually got broadcast on the BBC did really badly on its first competition outing.

Inevitably, when LOVE AND LOSS AND OTHER IMPORTANT STUFF got published, I wondered if it might be a cool idea to do the same for a poetry collection. So with great pleasure I hereby present Lossipedia. Do have a poke around and see what you think. Includes a rare sighting of my terrible William Carlos Williams zombie pastiche.

Finally, on a semi-related note, here’s the latest review of LOVE AND LOSS AND OTHER IMPORTANT STUFF, courtesy of BookTuber Katie Lumsden:

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