Right to Read Anthologies

Almost forgot to mention this. Back in October I took part in a charity writeathon with other members of The Grail. Actually, I’m only really a semi-detached member of The Grail, as being active in the VWC, SlingInk, Café Doom and The Write Idea is probably more than enough to keep me occupied, but this seemed like fun. Anyway, it looks there are going to be not one but two anthologies being produced, under the working title of “Right to Read”, one for short stories and one for poetry. So I’ve got three pieces in the short story one (“The Librarian”, “The Colour of Criticism” and “Value for Money”) and – in keeping with my new-found career as a poet – one piece in the poetry one (“Love and Loss, Swedish Style”). I think that makes six poems either published or scheduled to be published now. Can the T.S.Eliot prize be far away?

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