Love and Loss and Other Important Stuff

Well, here’s some news that I’ve been sitting on for some time – since last June in fact. I’m very pleased to announce that, contrary to what you may have been thinking, I have not one but two new books in the pipeline. Regular readers of this blog (yeah, maybe the use of the plural there was a little ambitious) will be aware that my short story collection, DIP FLASH, will be appearing next year, courtesy of Cultured Llama.

However, I can now reveal that my first poetry collection, LOVE AND LOSS AND OTHER IMPORTANT STUFF, is actually going to be published first. In about a month, in fact. The publisher for this slim volume is the excellent Silhouette Press, and I will be reading some of the poems in it at a launch event at Housman’s bookshop in London on June 6th along with fellow SP poets Jamie Thrasivoulou and Andrea Mbarushimana. Frankly, this will probably be the poetry event of the year, so you really won’t want to miss this.

I have to say that when I was a kid, “one day I will have a book of poetry published” was not on my list of predictions for the future. But I’m dead chuffed that it’s going to happen.

Now. What next?

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    Cheers! Not sure I quite recognise that description, mind 🙂

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