The Weekend’s Stops on the Blog Tour

Today is a blog tour rest day, which gives me time to catch up on where I was over the weekend. First of all, on Saturday I was at Myfanwy Fox’s Fox Tales blog, where we discussed the importance (or otherwise) of prompts as an aid to writing. I first encountered Myfanwy on the now-defunct Slingink site, where we locked horns during one of their gruelling Eurofiction competitions back in 2007-8, at the end of which (according to my spreadsheet – don’t ask) she ended up 3 places above me in the final table.

The day after that I dropped in on Jessica Berkery (née Patient)’s Writer’s Little Helper blog, where I came up with some exceptionally impractical suggestions for running a bookshop. Jessica is a fellow contributor to the excellent The View From Here magazine, whose editor, Mike French, is going to be dropping in here for an interview some day soon as it happens.

The tour continues tomorrow. Or at least it will do once I get around to writing my guest post for Dan Purdue…

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