Blog Tour, Day 10

The blog tour moves relentlessly along, and today I drop in on Diane Becker’s Not Designed to Juggle blog. Diane is deputy editor of The Short Review and has an exceptionally modest bio in which she describes herself as “pretty flawed”. However, if you take a look at some of her work that she links to from her site, you may come to the conclusion that her only flaw is that she isn’t submitting enough stuff out there.

Anyway, in our chat we cover such topics as genre-bending, parallel worlds and time management. And possibly time travel as well. Many thanks to Diane for having me!

In other news, it looks as if we have a taker for the last available stop on the tour: none other than Tania Hershman, who will now be hosting me on September 29th. Woo hoo!

There won’t be a blog tour stop tomorrow. I hummed and haa-ed (how do you spell that? none of the possibilities look right) and I finally came to the conclusion that the tenth anniversary of 9/11 probably wasn’t the time to be prattling on about a frivolous book like Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens. Back on Monday, everyone.

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