Tenth Stop on the Blog Tour…

… is at the wonderful Vanessa Gebbie’s blog, where she says some unexpectedly nice things about my writing, including one quote which will almost certainly make it into my publicity materials. I should qualify what I mean by “unexpectedly nice”, because there is never anything unexpected about Vanessa’s niceness – it’s pretty much guaranteed. But for someone of her stature to say nice things about my work, unprompted, was unexpected, and it means a hell of a lot to me. It really is wonderful when someone whose writing you’ve always admired gets what you’re trying to do.

In other news, last night I had the most extraordinary evening at Story Friday in the Museum of Bath at Work. What made it extraordinary was that the entire museum space was used, and the audience moved about from one venue to the next with a different space being used for each story. I found myself declaiming my story (a new one called “The Alternative Electrician”) from a room full of old machines to an audience on galleries on the two floors above me. Probably the most bizarre performance I’ve ever given by some distance, but I think it went off OK. The other stories were great, too, and massive kudos to Clare Reddaway and her team for coming up with the concept. The next one, incidentally, is going to be held in some underground cellars – with “Underground” being the theme for submissions. I’m seriously tempted to try again.

2 thoughts on “Tenth Stop on the Blog Tour…

  1. Clare Reddaway says:

    You were fab Jonathan! A great story, wonderfully performed! Everyone seemed to really enjoy the evening. DO submit again – we’re in Burdall’s Yard on the London Road in Bath on 25th January, theme is Underground – all submissions welcome! Further details on the website.

  2. admin says:

    Aw, thank you, Clare 🙂 I most certainly will submit again – was a wonderful evening!

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