Ninth Stop on the Blog Tour…

…is at the delightful Ali Bacon’s Between the Lines. Quite interesting to compare today’s post with the previous interview I had with Ali, back in the wilderness days when I was trying to find a publisher for Mrs Darcy. Occasionally things do work out, you know. Not just for me, either – Ali herself has recently found a publisher for her novel “A Kettle of Fish”, and she’ll be dropping in here to talk about it some time in the not-too-distant future.

Meanwhile, an instagram of the special morse code signature on one copy I sent out has generated a significant amount of interest in – and indeed sales of the specially signed version of “Dot Dash” (see <–). Grab them while you can! And probably best not to spend too much time deciphering the other bit of morse I’ve scrawled on the cover. It’s a bit rude.

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