Some More Reviews for Mrs Darcy

It’s been a while since I last relayed any news about reviews for Mrs Darcy, so here are a few. First of all, here’s what Chelsey Flood had to say about it (her debut novel, Infinte Sky” is being published by Simon and Shuster next year, so she knows of what she speaks). What I like about this review is that she’s honest enough to say that the book wasn’t quite what she was expecting, but she still goes on to appreciate it on its own terms. I couldn’t really ask for more.

Next, here’s Nyki Blatchley‘s opinion. I’ve met Nyki a couple of times (he’s another denizen of Hertfordshire), but we’re not sufficiently familiar with each other that I could guarantee a good review (you mean that doesn’t happen?) – so I was really pleased that he liked the book, especially as he says he’s not usually a big fan of sci-fi comedy.

Finally, here’s the verdict from the brilliant Laura Benedict. This is another one to savour because, as she says, she’s never been on the classic-novels-morphing-into-contemporary-schtick literary bandwagon, a comment that rings a very loud bell with yours truly. I often wonder what might have happened with this one if I’d got my arse in gear and finished writing it before P&P&Z came along. Well, I don’t think about it that often, because, frankly, life’s too short. But, you know?

A couple of other pieces of oddness popped up in the last couple of weeks. Apparently Mrs Darcy is a recommended horror read in Brighton and Hove, in the “Other Monsters” section, just about Frankenstein. And shortly before that, she was referenced in an Easter address. Whatever would Mr Collins have said?

Meanwhile, my current WIP tipped over the 40K mark yesterday. I’d better finish it then, hadn’t I?

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